Visual Studio Bugs

Three bugs that piss me off on a daily basis:

  1. In VB.NET, if I paste a Sub or Function into a new part of the page or a different page, it throws my cursor not to the end of the pasted code, but to the middle of the last line.

6 responses to “Visual Studio Bugs”

  1. Question number 3:

    This isn’t a bug but a feature. If you just want to paste the content without any formatting, right-click and choose “Paste as HTML”.

  2. Question 3. I would call it a unfriendly feature, because they don’t offer the choice of setting the ctrl-v to be either a paste or a paste as HTML. as I work primarily in the HTML view it it getting to the point that I am thinking of ditching Visual Studio and moving to another development environment. I think that they should have offered the choice within the settings to change this

  3. If you go to tools/options/environment/keyboard you can override the ctrl-v shortcut to be Edit.PasteAsHTML

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