w.bloggar and .Text

When I first got my blog working, I tried some desktop applications to blog from, but couldn’t get any of them to work. Today, I revisited it, and got w.bloggar to work.

Pretty simple, I just followed Scott Water’s instructions.

Now I don’t have to keep using the admin site and reposting blogs 2 and 4 times while I correct spelling and formatting mistakes 🙂 . I can now join the thousands of people that had already figured this out. I feel strangely honored.

4 responses to “w.bloggar and .Text”

  1. Ha. I remember seeing the same Scotts in your blog roll when I first visted (through a technorati watchlist on communityserver.org).

    I was going to mention that you’d probably like to check out Dave Burke’s blog if you haven’t already. He writes about .Text mods too. See: http://dbvt.com/blog/

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