A Parent Must Have: Flip Video Camcorder

Every parent goes through a video phase where they want to document their kids life. Most realize pretty fast that their $1,000 HD video camera purchase was a waste since:

  1. It’s a pain carrying around the video camera
  2. Extemporanous moments don’t happen because to catch it you would be forced to shoot ALL the time.
  3. No one wants to watch two hours of videos
  4. Editing two hours of video takes a LONG time

So after the first video session, the video camera is forever left in the box.  And if it is ever used, the video it produces just sits on a disc never to be edited.

For these reasons, I vowed to never carry one until I ran across the the Flip Video Ultra 60 Minute Camcorder.  I bought it two weeks ago and am loving every minute of it.

It handles every single complaint and makes it a joy to take videos:

  1. It is incredibly small – about the size of a large cell phone.
  2. It only holds 60 minutes, so it trains you to shoot shorts videos
  3. The USB dongle pops out the side, so all you do is plug it into your computer, edit the video (if you need to) and save it to your computer, then simply browse to YouTube or Flickr and upload your video.
  4. There is only like three buttons, so if an event is about to happen, you turn it on, then press the big red “record” button all in about 5 seconds.
  5. And best of all, it’s only $130!

It was so cheap in fact, I also bought the waterproof case so that I can use it during swimming lessons.

The funny thing is, after I tell people how awesome it is, they ask me, “Does it shoot in HD?”.

It’s like we are so ingrained as consumers to buy the most tricked out gadget, we forget about real-world-ease-of-use.

“NO it does not do HD. This camera is all about FAST, CHEAP & EASY.”

And after they use the camera and upload their first video in under a minute, they agree. HD would unnecessarily complicate a perfect device.

Here is an example from one hour ago.  Because it is so small, I just always have it on me so that when a funny moment is about to occur, we are ready (I can’t figure out how to embed from flickr):


A definite 5 out of 5 stars in my book, and is now a staple next to my cell phone on any outing – no matter how mundane.

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  1. I got a “mino HD” flip about a year ago, and I love it too! Even though it says HD on it, I don’t see a difference in quality with the video you posted. I get 2 hours of footage too but never need them since it’s so easy to transfer videos to your computer. That waterproof case sounds interesting!!

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