Save Money With Your AT&T Home Phone Line

Att-logoI called AT&T yesterday to add our old phone number to our account so that I can port it over to a new VOIP account I am about to setup.

They charged me $40 for the phone activation, and $7.50 a month as the bare-bones rate to have the phone line.  No matter what I said, they wouldn’t get rid of the activation.

Today I called to cancel it when I realized that the VOIP system I am going to try out, Magic Jack, doesn’t allow number portability yet.

Without even asking, the woman offered to remove the activation charge, and when I said that I still wasn’t interested, she offered to lower my bill $5 for a year.

So, in the process of a 5 minute phone call, I got a phone line with AT&T for $2.50 a month (before taxes), with no activation fee.

Magic Jack says that they will start porting numbers sometime this year, so hopefully it will be sooner than later.

It may be smart to call AT&T and see what savings you can get…

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  1. the Magic Jack is an excellent product.

    So everyone knows it really is only 19 buxs a year after your first year. Now to have it replace your home phone line is possible. If you have a business line i wouldn’t say to just right in and replace it as it is still not 100%. Dont get me wrong tho the sound quality is amazing but if you are getting many calls at once, and need to see names of people who are calling, the magic jack will only give you the number who is calling. All in all amazing product..

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