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  • Community Server Upgrade Hell

    This last week I was tasked with upgrading a Community Server 1.1 install to 2.0.  I was expecting a simple process after navigating the seas of .Text to CS 2.0, but I forgot to “knock on wood”. I ran the upgrade script as indicated in the upgrade instructions and got about 15 separate errors.  I […]

  • Bruce Leeroy

    Sweet. As an aside, it was a bit of a pain to be able to insert this in my blog post. Do be able to do so, add the following to the markup/html node in communityserver.config: <object width = “true” height = “true”/> <param name = “true” value = “true”/> <embed src = “true” type […]

  • .Text to Community Server 2.0

    I made the leap and upgraded my blog to Community Server (CS) 2.0.  It took about 4 hours researching, downloading, uploading, converting and fixing.  I couldn’t find a way to directly upgrade my .Text Version .95 directly to CS 2.0, so I decided to first upgrade from .95 to CS 1.1, then use the standard upgrade […]

  • Counting Down Until Community Server

    I am counting down the days until February 17th when Community Server version 2 goes RTM.  The latest Beta 3 were released last week, and I am biting my download trigger finger to keep from installing it.  Just a few more weeks… Sometime in the recent few weeks I jumped to a Google PageRank of […]

  • Community Server uses some ASP.NET 2.0

    Pretty cool those guys are, thinking ahead and all. I just noticed that my CS 1.0 database has all (or near all, not sure) the tables and stored procedures that get installed for ASP.NET 2.0 membership, profiles, role management and personalization. To get it in your database, assuming you have the 2.0 framework installed is […]