Community Server uses some ASP.NET 2.0

Pretty cool those guys are, thinking ahead and all. I just noticed that my CS 1.0 database has all (or near all, not sure) the tables and stored procedures that get installed for ASP.NET 2.0 membership, profiles, role management and personalization.

To get it in your database, assuming you have the 2.0 framework installed is to run:

C:\windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\$VERSION #$\aspnet_regsql.exe

That will kick off a SQL Setup wizard to give you what you need.

I am not sure, but was Beta 1 even out yet when CS came out? Those ex-softies get all the goods early!


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  1. Hey Scott, the MS MMC (Member management component?) was back ported to .Net 1.1 before CS was released, then it was taken away again, and now it’s been released with more warning about using it because it may not be compatable with the .Net 2.0 one. There’s also been a bit of a stir about how Telligent has implemented it for CS 1.0, because it doesn’t work so nicely with DotNetNuke, which has also implemented it. You’ll find good coverage of it in the forums in

  2. Ahh, thanks for the 411. I assumed I wasn’t the first to *discover* this.

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