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  • Finally, The Truth on OEM Software

    I just read a great article on OEM software, called Buying OEM versions of Windows Vista: the facts.  I am sure the data here could be extrapolated to any OEM software. The basics with OEM versions of Vista are: You absolutely can buy OEM versions lawfully. There is no difference between OEM and non-OEM versions (EXCEPT): It […]

  • Render RadioButtonList as an Unordered List UL

    In my latest project, I found the need to use the RadioButtonList which spits out the absolute nastiest HTML to render it unusable (for me anyway). The control gives you to HTML options using the RepeatLayout attribute. Flow spits out a series of span’s and label’s with BR’s if you don’t specify RepeatDirection of Horizontal. […]

  • Add Additional Information to Your Exceptions

    When Enterprise Library was called Microsoft Application Blocks, if you wanted to log an Exception, you would write (assuming “ex” is an Exception): ExceptionManager.Publish(ex) And if you wanted to log some extended properties you could do something like this: NameValueCollection customerInfo = new NameValueCollection(); customerInfo.Add(“name”,”scott”); customerInfo.Add(“email”,””); ExceptionManager.Publish(ex,customerInfo); Now that I am upgrading all legacy code […]

  • Community Server Upgrade Hell

    This last week I was tasked with upgrading a Community Server 1.1 install to 2.0.  I was expecting a simple process after navigating the seas of .Text to CS 2.0, but I forgot to “knock on wood”. I ran the upgrade script as indicated in the upgrade instructions and got about 15 separate errors.  I […]

  • Find and Delete Duplicates in SQL

    We all know we shouldn’t have duplicates in the database. And despite my best efforts, somehow they sneak in from some legacy code, or from the hyper-active-compulsory-submit-the-form-fifty-times-in-five-seconds-bloke. So now and then I find myself writing the same SQL to track them down. Most solutions online say that you have to use a temporary table or […]

  • Bruce Leeroy

    Sweet. As an aside, it was a bit of a pain to be able to insert this in my blog post. Do be able to do so, add the following to the markup/html node in communityserver.config: <object width = “true” height = “true”/> <param name = “true” value = “true”/> <embed src = “true” type […]

  • Using Case in Order By with Group By

    Wow, that’s a mouthful. This is what I am trying to convey: When you do a Group By with Rollup, what happens is that the rolled up column shows null, and won’t necessarily be ordered at the bottom. For example: select firstname , count(*) as total from AdsEntered ads join tblStaff s on s.staffid = […]

  • .Text to Community Server 2.0

    I made the leap and upgraded my blog to Community Server (CS) 2.0.  It took about 4 hours researching, downloading, uploading, converting and fixing.  I couldn’t find a way to directly upgrade my .Text Version .95 directly to CS 2.0, so I decided to first upgrade from .95 to CS 1.1, then use the standard upgrade […]

  • Remembering Regsvr32

    I just tried to open Sauce Reader, my blog reader of choice, but all it gave me was an error and an option to close.  After digging through the error message, I found the message, “Class not registered”. Ok, easy enough.  I opened a command prompt and started to register each dll in the Sauce […]

  • Emulating Digg Spy using AJAX.NET

    In my latest project, I need to build a lead system for our sales people. It will work very similarly to the application, so I took advantage of their model in order to learn AJAX.NET. I decided to go with AJAX.NET, rather than the new Anthem, just to get my feet wet. I will […]