Puerto Vallarta Vacation

No excuse, I know, for not posting in so long, but I went on vacation for a week, then got sick, and had work coming out of my ears.

Puerto Vallarta was great, stayed at a bitchen Villa up on a hill, and had a nice day golfing and losing 38 balls at the Jack Nicklaus course.

Still managed to get my geek on tho…

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  1. Caption:

    “I wonder how long I have to sit here… this is so boring, at least if Alan was here we would be eating”

  2. Great pic! We went to Puerto Vallarta in April for a week. Stayed at the Grand Mayan resort in Nuevo Vallarta. It was swell, but a long way from Vermont. Just returned from a week in Sedona, Arizona. No pool-side or beach waiters delivering drinks all day long like in Mexico, but a great vacation, none-the-less. Welcome back.

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