Current Podcasts I Listen To

A friend finally got an iPod and wanted to know what podcasts I listen to. I hadn't really put the list together and was surprised I listen to so many:

  1. This week in TECH
  2. Security Now!
  3. Xbox Live's Major Nelson podcasts about the Xbox 360
  4. Diggnation (although Alex Albrecht annoys the heck out of me. I may stop listening)
  5. iTunes new music Tuesdays (I just fast forward if the music sucks)
  6. Gamespot presents Hotspot (gaming stuff)
  7. Ebert & Roeper
  8. Tips from the top floor (photography tips)
  9. Queer Eye for the Straight Guy
  10. ITC: Programming (listen to the Joel Spolsky interviews first)
  11. Kathy Griffen: My life on the D-List (she's pretty funny)
  12. Polymorphic Podcast (programming, but I never seem to find time for it)
  13. Photoshop Radio
  14. Web 2.0 (brand new)
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2 responses to “Current Podcasts I Listen To”

  1. Thanks for the list. I always like knowing what you’re listening to these days.

    Did you drop Silicon Valley InfoTalk at Furrier often annoys me with how he interrupts his guests to demonstrate his own knowledge–while generally correct, still annoying–and he put out @ 20 short new product podcasts from DemoFall 2005 which I erased from the queue after listening to the first two, but he has some very good guests and I learn quite a bit.

    I tried to check out Web 2.0 but site was down. Will try later.

    My list is still the same. ITC, SVInfoTalk, Media Artists, Gillmor Gang, and Foxcast: House (I love that show 🙂

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